5 Gift Ideas For The Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Person

5 Gift Ideas For The Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Person

Earth Day is just around the corner and we wanted to feature some of our favourite eco-friendly products in the shop.

Beeswax Wraps
We love our beeswax wraps. We have 3 packs including small, medium and large size pre-cut wraps and a cut-your-own wrap which comes in a roll and you cut the size you would like. We also have a mini size that covers half-cut fruit and veggies like avocado and cucumber or covers your wine glass and glasses while outside. Protect your drink from bugs! Beeswax wraps replace plastic wrap in your home and I've heard so many good things about them plus using them myself, they are a game changer! 

Seed Paper Cards
I love all the designs on the seed paper cards that we carry. They range from happy birthday to thank you to Nova Scotia love. These cute cards are perfect for any occasion and they can be planted after gifting. What is more unique than a card that lasts forever? Once these cards are gifted, they can be cut up into smaller pieces and planted! The paper is full of wildflower seeds so they can be planted to grow beautiful wildflowers. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Handmade Soap
Our handmade soap is a great replacement for a body wash which usually comes in a bottle. The plastic wrap on the soap is compostable and the paper band is made from seed paper as well! So once you get that soap started, you also get to plant the paper to grow wildflowers! The wildflowers that grow are ones native to Canada too which is double-amazing for the environment.

Swedish Dishcloths
If you haven't used a Swedish Dishcloth yet, you're missing out! These cloths started over in Europe as a replacement for single-use dishcloths that couldn't be recycled. These cloths are made from cellulose and cotton to give them a spongy feel and look. They are stiff when dry and super soft and flexible when wet. They absorb 15x their weight in water! These replace your dishcloths and paper towel in the kitchen. They can be cleaned in a washer and dryer. Once you're done using them, they can go right outside in the compost as they're 100% biodegradable. How awesome is that?!

Fisherman Rope Items
You may be surprised to see this on our list, however, let me explain to you why these are totally eco-friendly. Fisherman rope is all the time being dumped and washed up on our shores. It's also hard for the rope to degrade over time sitting in a landfill. So, why not clean the oceans and our beaches by collecting the rope and then making beautiful pieces of home décor with it?! The rope would otherwise still be on our shores and in our oceans if it wasn't for the people who collect it to make home décor. Each of these pieces is helping to keep the rope out of our oceans, keeping clean beaches and showing beautiful craftmanship with something that would otherwise be "garbage".

These are just a few gift ideas for someone who may be living that eco-friendly or sustainable lifestyle. Do you have more gift ideas or maybe some eco-friendly/sustainable gifts we should bring in? Let us know! Send us an email with your suggestions.

Happy Earth Day on April 22nd.
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