5 Gift Ideas For The One Who Has It All

5 Gift Ideas For The One Who Has It All

We all have that one person on our shopping list that's hard to buy for. They either have everything they want/need or you just can't think of anything to get them! Don't worry, we have some pretty unique products that would be a perfect fit for someone who "has it all".

Anything Beach Resin
Literally anything with the beach resin on it. The beach resin items are super unique. Not many people have beach items like ours around their home. Even just a coaster or two would make a great gift for someone who has it all. Plus, they get to have a little bit of the ocean with them in their home. How sweet is that?!

Doodle Book
Any of our doodle book or journals make for a great gift. Not many have heard about doodle book and how they are great for helping to relax or calm down after a tough day. Even someone who is retired would love these books! They are very unique and they are quite popular in our shop for a reason. We always suggest a doodle book to anyone who is looking for a gift for someone who "has it all".

We love all of our spice blends! If you're ever stuck on a gift for someone, remember, everyone has to cook! Spices make for a great gift along with a cutting board for someone you're stuck on. If you know they're not too into spicy things, grab them the donair spice or ranch. Spices make for a great last-minute gift, especially for the hardest shoppers on your list.

Fisherman Rope Flowers
The fisherman rope flowers are very beautiful and they make for a great gift! They can hang on doors, hang on the wall or put them outside and hang them on the patio. The options are endless! The rope flowers are made from reclaimed rope so you're also preventing the rope from being in our oceans.

Candles & Wax Melts
If you know someone who loves scents, candles are always the best way to go! With lots of different scent options and design options available, the possibilities are endless when it comes to candles. We also have wax melts that are great if you know someone who has a burner. They're also great just sitting around on the counter, they are quite strong!

We have lots of products that are sure to cover everyone on your shopping list. Everything we carry is all handmade right here in Nova Scotia so you're also supporting the wonderful artists that are in the shop.
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