6 Tips for Shopping with Us This Holiday Season

6 Tips for Shopping with Us This Holiday Season

We're almost a month away from Christmas and we wanted to give you some tips about shopping with us and some advice we have for customers who plan to shop with us in the next month! This is our 5th Christmas season open and we have lots of tips for shopping with us in-person and online.

If You Like It And Want It, Buy It!

I can't stress this enough. We are a small handmade shop. That means a lot of our products are one of a kind and that also means that once these items are gone, they are gone for good. Year after year, this always happens. Someone comes in and spots an item they like but they don't buy it. They come back a week later and it's gone! Don't miss out on amazing Christmas gifts by not buying right away. This is our busiest season and items go a lot faster than usual. Even some of our top sellers will be out of stock quickly.

Ask Us To Hold Items For You

We can hold products for you! Some people don't know this but we can set aside products if you really want them. During the Holiday season, however, we only hold items for up to a week without payment. With payment, we can hold items indefinitely. If you really like something but you're on the fence about it, we can set it aside for you for a week or until you let us know. If you see something featured in a Facebook Live that you like, send us a message to hold the item for you until you can get in!

Make A List And Check It Twice

It always helps to have a Christmas gift list so you're not double buying for someone and completely forgetting someone else! We posted our handy Holiday Checklist last week along with all of our gift guides we have done to date. Keep track of everyone by putting names and writing out products you believe they'll like. As an added bonus, keep track of spending by putting the dollar amount at the end of the product so you know exactly how much you've spent on each person.

When You Don't Know What To Get, Go Back To Basics

If you're coming up blank for someone, you can always go back to basics for gifts! Need a gift for a College/University student? You would be surprised by how much they appreciate little things like soap, water bottles/tumblers, notebooks, room spray and more. Everyone needs to cook, so grabbing a few spice blends is always a great choice as well. Know a coffee drinker in your life? Grab them a bag of coffee!

If You're Really Stuck, Gift Cards And Gift Boxes Make For A Great Gift

We offer gift cards that can be purchased online and sent via email to anyone. You can also purchase gift cards in-store as well and have a physical gift certificate to give to friends and family. We also have our subscription box which you can gift someone a box or two. We also have pre-made boxes with some of our favourite products so you don't have to worry about packaging or what products to get someone. Everything comes curated and ready for your gifting needs.

Important Holiday Deadlines

Of course, as we get closer and closer to the Holiday, that means we're closing in on important dates for shipping and local deliveries. Keep in mind we will keep shipping orders as we receive them but any orders received after the dates below are NOT guaranteed for Christmas. Even orders placed on the shipping dates may not be delivered on time. Please give everyone enough time to pack, ship and deliver your orders.

December 7th - Last date for shipping orders within Canada

December 14th - Last date for shipping order within Nova Scotia

December 20th - Last date for deliveries to HRM

December 24th by 2pm - Last chance deliveries for East Hants (Between Stewiacke and Enfield)

As a final note on deliveries, we schedule HRM deliveries usually on weekends on days I (Kaitlyn) have the day off. So orders placed after the 20th may still get delivered depending on what day we schedule as the last HRM delivery date. East Hants orders can be placed right up to 2pm on the 24th. However, unless you're on Highway 2 or just slightly off Highway 2, your order may not be delivered until after we come back from Holiday. I will do what I can, but my route home is Highway 2. Anything too far off my route home and they won't be delivered until we're back on the 27th of December.

And of course, if you need ANY help with gift ideas or just putting together a gift for someone, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or on our social media platforms. We're always happy to help.

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