7 Gift Ideas For Father's Day

7 Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Father's Day is two weeks away! We have this handy gift guide to help you shop for Dad. Not sure what to get him or need some inspiration? We have a list of 7 items we believe Dad's going to love to receive.

Dad's need to drink water too! We have these super awesome guitar tumblers that usually sell out around Father's Day. We recommend you grab one of these early as we're not sure how long they'll last! These tumblers hold hot and cold and keep that temperature for a long time. We love the tumblers and we're sure you will too.

Hot Sauce/BBQ Sauce
Does Dad love to BBQ? We have just the thing! We have BBQ sauce available. Not too spicy but not too sweet. Just the right amount! If Dad likes to add some heat to his meals, we also have lots of hot sauce to choose from all at different heat levels. If Dad can take the heat, we have the hot sauce for him.

If Dad loves to cook, we carry a variety of spices that work with anything. We have rubs for ribs, steak, beef and more. Pair the rubs with the hot sauce or BBQ sauce and you have a spicy and delicious combo. Of course, we also have spice blends that just go well with anything. Our three most popular are Steak Spice, BBQ Chicken and Halifaxe Donair.

Cutting Board
We have lots of beautiful cutting boards and charcuterie boards that would make a great gift for Dad. Gift Dad a beautiful new and long-lasting cutting board. We also have board butter so Dad can keep his board in good shape and looking brand new.

Dad needs to get clean too! We have lots of neutral scents like Peppermint, Tea Tree, Star Anise, Unscented and more that would be a great fit for Dad. We even have Maple soap! It's sweet and scented with real maple syrup. If Dad has a sweet tooth, that soap will be perfect for him! We always have lots of soap that's great for any occasion.

Most people are either coffee drinkers or tea drinkers. Grab Dad one of his favourites. We have light to dark coffee in either ground or whole bean. For tea, we have green tea, black tea and anything in between. If Dad loves either coffee or tea, we have them available.

Hot Honey
We love the hot honey on everything! It adds a bit of sweetness and spicy to any dish. Use hot honey as a topping or the starter as an ingredient in most dishes. My favourite is to use the hot honey on pizza. Let Dad step up his pizza game with some hot honey.

That's 7 gift ideas for Dad! Don't forget, Father's Day is in two weeks. We will be open Mon-Sat 10:30-4:30 to help with your gift shopping needs.
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