7 Gift Ideas For The NS Addict

7 Gift Ideas For The NS Addict

Know someone who loves Nova Scotia or Nova Scotia tartan? We have lots of products that would be loved by the Nova Scotia lover. These gifts can also be used to gift to someone you know who visited or someone who is from Nova Scotia and moved away. Send a little piece of Nova Scotia to them with these great gift ideas.

Tartan Ornaments
We love these ornaments and for good reason. They are very beautiful and they lay flat so it makes them super easy to ship in a small bubble mailer. We have lots of different designs to choose from all with Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Canada tartan. Ornaments also have a few uses outside of just being hung on a tree! You can hang them up in the window as a window decoration. you can hang them on the wall as decoration or you can hang them from your car mirror and have a cute car decoration!

Spiced Coasters And Trivets
A simple and easy way to add some tartan to the home décor. We have spiced coasters which when something hot is placed on it, heats up the cloves inside and makes the room smell lovely. We have spiced trivets which are great for larger pots and pans when you need to set them down on the counter or a table.

Nova Scotia Tartan Journal
We have some beautiful journals with the Nova Scotia tartan on them. Plus one size comes with a pen already attached! These journals have one blank and one lined page. These small notebooks make for a great gift for someone who likes to keep notes or gets a lot of thoughts and needs to write them all down while out.

Sewn Tartan Products
We have more than just coasters and trivets when it comes to sewn items made of tartan. We have napkins, oven mitts, ornaments, blankets, wine bags and more. We have lots of tartan products available and most items are general use so they make for a great gift for anyone. Know someone who just renovated their kitchen? We have tartan kitchen towels that would make for a great addition to any kitchen.

Did you know we have Nova Scotia candles? We even have our own Shubenacadie and East Hants ones! Why not show your love for our beautiful province by grabbing one of our candles that has the province on it or contains a gemstone found along the Fundy shores! You can even grab a candle that has art from a local artist on it.

NS Prints
We have lots of Nova Scotia-inspired prints that I believe you'll love. We have the province with beach waves and our native wildflowers. We also have prints of birds, scenery from around the province and more. We also have frames available for purchase with a print so if you would like a print framed, just ask! Framed prints make for a great home décor gift.

Beach Resin Items
All of our beach resin items make for a great gift for anyone. With so many items, you're bound to find something that someone will like. We have small trays, mirrors, keychains and more. What doesn't remind you of Nova Scotia more than the beach?! We have lots of beach resin products always coming in.
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