August Top 5 Best Sellers

August Top 5 Best Sellers

August has certainly been a month. We've been dropping item reveals for our subscription box (which you can click here to order) that's shipping at the end of the month. We've also been getting a steady stream of new and restocked items into the shop over the last month so if you haven't stopped by in a while, now's a great time to do so! Let's get into our August top sellers!

5 - Mini Animals
These super cute mini animals make for a great last minute gift! Cats and dogs have been super popular with these guys, so if you're looking for a cat or a dog, now is a great time to come in! These little animals made from pewter are great on tables, desks or just for decoration. Because they are mini animals, they don't take up too much space so they can fit anywhere.

4 - Tartan Ornaments
With Christmas coming soon, our tartan ornaments are a very popular choice for those who are looking to ship some local Nova Scotia gifts to someone without spending too much on shipping. These ornaments fit in a bubble mailer and can be shipped flat! We have all different kinds of ornaments and not just limited to Nova Scotia tartan.

3 - Artisan Soap
Soap stays at the number 3 spot this month again. Soap makes for a great gift for anyone. Everyone has to get clean! Plus with our 2 for $15 discount, you can buy a bar for a friend and keep a bar for yourself. It's a win-win! Fall scents are coming soon so you can start stocking up on fall scents while you can.

2 - Single Hooks
Another pewter item in our top 5! These single hooks made from pewter make for a great key hook by the front door, a towel hook in the bathroom or a jacket hook in a room. Being made from pewter these hooks are sturdy and will last forever. Plus all the nautical designs so well in a beach home or cottage.

And our top item in the shop for the month of August is... drum roll

1 - Coffee Tumblers
With fall just around the corner, we have lots of fall tumblers coming in! Plus if you're looking for a unique gift for someone, these coffee tumblers are bound to be a hit. With unique designs and some of these glittery, there's got to be a tumbler for everyone on your shopping list.

Our Top Selling Category For The Month
Our top-selling category and our top-selling items sometimes are the same and sometimes they're different. I think it's really interesting to see the difference between the top-selling items and categories because sometimes we just sell a lot of single items which won't make our top item list (usually top items we sell multiples of) but it could make our top category! The top category for this month should be of no surprise!

Our top selling category is...

Basic Spirit
With two items in our top 5, this is no surprise! We love our pewter vendor because of all the unique items they make and you folks like them too. With a wide variety of items and designs, there's something for everyone when it comes to our pewter products.
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