Crafty Owl's 4 Years of Statistics

Crafty Owl's 4 Years of Statistics

Crafty Owl Artisans Market is coming up to being open for 4 years! That's a crazy amount of time and boy did that time fly right by. I wanted to highlight today some numbers and statistics that might be interesting to those who have been with us since day 1. Even if you're just discovering us for the first time, I believe some of these stats will still be of interest!


Since day 1 we've been open for over 1,000 days! That's a lot of days helping you get the gifts you need.


We've served over 4,000 customers! Our busiest times of the year are Summer and Holidays (Oct-Dec). That's when the majority of our customers are coming in and shopping or making purchases online from our online store.


We have over 300 newsletter subscribers! These subscribers are our VIP's and they receive information about product restocks early and get first dibs on our Subscription Box each quarter. They also receive a gift on their birthday!


We started our newsletter in July 2022 and started to consistently send out newsletters weekly in January 2023.


We first opened in November 2019 and had our first event the following weekend where we celebrated our grand opening. We launched our website in April 2020 shortly after we were in lockdown during the pandemic.


Some of our most popular categories are Classy Cards, Basic Spirit, Light n' Luscious Body Treats, Rebel Craft Designs & Salt Air Collections. All these vendors make up the majority of our top sellers year after year. We keep bringing more of their items in because you folks love them!


We've had over 70 vendors in the shop. Over 4 years that's a lot of vendors with a lot of different products! We still have some vendors in the shop today who have been with us since day 1.


We currently have about 45 vendors with us in the shop. When you look at our shop, you don't exactly think that there are that many vendors but we have a lot of variety in our vendors and they all make very unique and special items!


That's it but it's a lot! Let us know what stat you were surprised about.

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