Discover Creative Ways to Use Our Products

Discover Creative Ways to Use Our Products

We carry a lot of products and did you know some of those products have alternative uses? Some alternative uses can be slightly different from its regular use or they can be completely different from its regular use! This week we're going to highlight some of those products and the other ways you can use them!

Candle Jars
Candle jars can be used for a lot more than just candles! Once you're done with the candles, you can clean out the jar and reuse the jars as spice containers to hold your favourite spice blend. Fill up a jar with soil and use it as a new plant pot. Get yourself a new toothbrush holder by putting your toothbrushes in the jar. Add some fake rocks to the bottom if you need some extra height. The possibilities are endless. Use a candle jar like any other jar!

Soap Band
Did you know the soap we carry has a seed paper band? Once you unpackage the soap, keep the band because you can start to gemmate the paper and soon you'll have wildflowers blooming! The best way to get the seeds to start is by keeping them wet. A wet paper towel works great! Once you see roots and sprouting, you can place the band in a pot of soil to continue the sprouting! Eventually, you'll have a whole pot of wildflowers.

Our ornaments can be used in so many different ways. They are not limited to just being hung on a tree for a few weeks! Ornaments can be hung in windows as a window decoration. They can also be hung on car mirrors as a car decoration. If you happen to have a wooden ornament, you can also use it as a car diffuser and place a few drops of your favourite essential oil on it.

Room Spray Bottles
Did you know you can return your old room spray bottles and bring them back to be refilled? If you have a favourite scent, this is a great option for you! You can save $0.50 and get your favourite room spray restocked! You can also clean out the bottles and they can become a vase for a flower or two.

Wax Melts
The wax melts we carry are fragrant! So much so, that these can just be placed in a room and these will make your room smell amazing without having to use a burner. Just place the wax melt in a room and soon you'll smell the lovely fragrance from the wax melt. Plus, when you want to use it in the burner, you can! Just add it to your burner when you'd like.
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