Gift Guide: 7 Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Gift Guide: 7 Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Did you know Mother's Day is 2 weeks away?! We're here to help you with this handy gift guide to get Mom the perfect gift We have a free delivery to East Hants and most of HRM so if you see something you like but don't have the time to shop in-store, make sure to click delivery when you checkout online.

We know Mom's love their candles and we have lots of different scents and sizes available. Want something quick and easy? We carry lots of small candles that are perfect for a quick and easy gift. We also have large wooden wick candles which are great for Mom's to have a spa day with. The wooden wicks crackle and pop as they burn.

Give Mom a super special spa day with some soap to go along with that candle. With lots of scent options for soap, there's going to be a perfect scent for Mom. As a bonus, our soaps are entirely eco-friendly as well. Looking for a natural soap? We have unscented options too! The options are limitless.

We love a good journal for writing down thoughts, and lists or just writing down little mementos. With the number of journals we have in store, there's bound to be one that's perfect for Mom. We also have a doodle journal that's great for helping to relax after a long day of work. Spend 5 minutes with a writing prompt and a doodle prompt for the day.

Window Ornaments
We just got in these beautiful window ornaments from our pewter vendor. There are solid pewter ornaments that are in the shape of a hummingbird and dragonfly. These make great window decorations for any home. We also have new light catchers from the pewter vendor as well! Made from stained glass and with an added pewter ornament, you can get Mom something she will love to hang up anywhere.

Everyone needs to cook! Get Mom some spices to add to her favorite meals. Our most popular spices go great with almost anything. Spud Spice is great for potatoes or just veggies in general. Steak Spice goes great with most meats and veggies and BBQ Chicken spice is amazing on chicken and veggies! Help Mom level up her cooking and grab her some spices.

We have lots of beautiful signs available in the shop. They are all super lightweight and can be hung on the wall, put on the mantle or put on a shelf. From beaches to "welcome" to maps, we have signs for everyone. Does Mom have some empty wall space? Get her a sign to fill up some wall space in her home and add some flair to her home décor.

Beach Blossoms
Have you checked out our beach blossoms yet? Made from reclaimed fisherman's rope, these are a great gift item that's completely recycled! Because these are made from rope, they are weather resistant, however, I don't recommend you leave them outside during a storm! These make great additions to the patio or to the beach home.

Wine Glasses
Mom probably loves drinking her wine or having her fun drinks, so why not have them in a fun glass too?! We have lots of wine glasses available in lots of different colors so you'll be able to find the right glass for Mom. Our beautiful wine glasses make a great gift for Mom's or anyone who likes their wine.

That's 7 gift ideas for Mom! We have a lot more gift products than just the above listed. You may even find something for Mom while you browse! Don't forget, we offer free delivery to East Hants and HRM or we can ship out items so they can arrive to Mom on time.
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