Memorable Moments: Our 4-Year Anniversary Box!

Memorable Moments: Our 4-Year Anniversary Box!

It's been 4 years since we first opened Crafty Owl and we've come a loooong way. Since opening up in 2019, we've had a lot of ups and downs, especially with dealing with a pandemic not even 6 months after we opened. We're very thankful for our customers who keep passing along the word of our lovely shop to other people. To celebrate 4 years, we're doing something a little bit different this year. We've created a box full of our best sellers since we opened. These items are also usually consistent best sellers even today so this box is full of amazing items that you already love!

In 2019, our most popular item that year was our soap. With so many scent options and beautifully coloured bars, no wonder this was a popular seller! Plus, soap makes a great gift for anyone because everyone needs to get clean.

In 2020, our most popular item that year was our stained glass wine glasses. This was the year our infamous wine glasses became popular. They are beautiful wine glasses that are super unique to only us! That's right, these wine glasses are only available at Crafty Owl.

In 2021, our most popular item that year was our tartan ornaments. This was our first year carrying the tartan ornaments and they were a hit. They're constantly in our top sellers and we can see why! Nova Scotia has a beautiful tartan and we have lots of different ornaments available. Plus, they make for great gifts if you need to ship something. They are flat and ship very easily. These ornaments can also be used in the window or in the car.

In 2022, our most popular item that year was our beach resin items. This was the first year we brought in the beach resin products and they were a huge hit! We've expanded our beach resin items to offer trays, bowls, coasters, mirrors and more.

This year (2023) our most popular item is the Swedish Dishcloths and Tea Towels. With trying to reduce waste, these dishcloths are great for just that. They're good for months at a time and replace paper towels in the kitchen. With all the designs and sayings on these, you can see why they're a popular seller.

Plus, we added a bonus item which has been a popular seller overall over the last few years. Which are the Classy Card items! Our customers love these items and so do we. We just had to add an item from Classy Card as a bonus.

We have two Anniversary Boxes to choose from. The regular box and the upgraded box. Each box includes an item from all 6 of the vendors above. The upgraded box has more expensive items swapped in and the upgraded box also gets a bonus item. Don't wait to grab your box! We have limited boxes available of each and once they're gone, they are gone for good!

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