My Top 6 Must-Haves For Vacation

My Top 6 Must-Haves For Vacation

This is a very exciting week for me as I'm going on vacation! I'm super excited as this is the first time in YEARS since I've been out of the province for a vacation. I'm not going too far but I wanted to give you guys a list of things I will be grabbing from the shop to take with me while I'm on vacation for a week. This is also a quick reminder that we are closed on August 28th (Monday) because we will be down to one staff and we wanted to give them a fair break between days.

Here is my list of items that I'm taking with me while on vacation.

1 - Shampoo Bar
I think this goes without saying but sometimes the hotel shampoos are great and sometimes they're not great. I don't really want to take the risk and see if it's the good kind or not so I will be taking a shampoo bar with me. I love the fine hair one and the purple shampoo so I'll be deciding between one of those to take with me. Plus taking a shampoo bar will take up less space than a shampoo bottle!

2 - Soap - Odds & Ends
We have lots of beautiful soap bars at the shop here but for only a week, a soap bar is a lot to take! We have these great odds and ends bags that have smaller end pieces of soap that I will be taking. One piece should last me the week I'm there but in case it doesn't, I'll be taking a few pieces with me. However, this is going to save me space and hopefully, I won't have to bring too many back with me. I'll sort through the bag and only take 2-3 soap end pieces with me, but this should be enough for a week to keep me clean.

3 - Journals
With a vacation, I want to be able to write down everything that happens. We're going to be doing a lot of sightseeing, going to lots of different food places and I would like to write that all down and remember it! Especially since this trip may be on my radar for next year. I would like to write down where we went, what food places were good and what we did. I'll be taking one of the few options we have for journals but I'll be looking to take a smaller journal since it's only for a week.

4 - Tumbler
I am staying downtown where I'm going so I'll be walking A LOT. I'll be bringing a tumbler with me so I can carry it around with water in it for our long walking days and for filling it up at the airport so I can take water on my flight. A tumbler is going to come in handy a lot for me so I'll be packing one to take with me on my flight.

5 - Beeswax Wraps
This might be a weird one for you guys, but this is a smart choice for me! I'll be taking the 3 pack of wraps with me as I plan on bringing back lots of food items! I want to make sure they're sealed and will keep their freshness for as long as possible. I also want to bring the beeswax wraps to transport anything that will need to be wrapped up like my shampoo bar and possibly the soap. The beeswax wraps are flat so they'll just get laid on top of my suitcase and they won't take up any space. Even if I don't need to use them, they're flat so I'm not too concerned about the extra space they'll take up in case I don't use them.

6 - Keychain
This may be obvious but a keychain is handy to help identify your luggage when it's coming off the plane! I'll be grabbing a keychain and putting it on my luggage to make it easier to grab my luggage right off the plane. I will be sure to grab something that's colourful so it can be easily identified.

That's some items I'll be taking from the shop with me while I'm on vacation! Are there any other products you can think of that would be good to take? Let me know!
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