October's Hot List: 5 Must-Haves!

October's Hot List: 5 Must-Haves!

We're getting ever so closer to Christmas time. Usually around this time of the year, the shop picks up with traffic and we can sell out of popular items very quickly. We were also able to raise $100 for the Mi'kmawey Cultural Centre for the entire month of October. We're very thankful to our customers who helped raise $100 for this amazing cause. Now onto our October top sellers!


5 - Wax Melts

These wax melts are super strong and they last such a long time. We love these on the counter for a few weeks and then add them to our burners. Or split them in half to make it last longer! We're getting close to selling out on our fall scents so if you would like to get some fall wax melts before they're sold out, now is the time!


4 - Lobster Rope Wreaths

We love the lobster rope items but we especially love the wreaths. The wreaths are full of fun colours and because they're made from reclaimed fisherman's rope, they are weatherproof! I wouldn't recommend you keep them outdoors during a storm but a bit of rain and sun isn't going to damage these wreaths. Perfect for adding some colour to your home.


3 - Clay Earrings

We still have some fall earrings left if you're still looking for those cute little pumpkin earrings. we have so many different earrings in different colours and designs, these make for a great gift for someone who wears earrings!


2 - Inspiration Coins

These cute little pewter coins have lots of sayings and designs, it's hard to choose what one you want! We have lots of variety in these coins and they make for a great gift for someone. Keep a coin in your pocket and use it as a rubbing coin or keep it in your wallet to be reminded someone is thinking about you.


And our top item in the shop for the month of October is... drum roll


1 - Greeting Cards

We love our greeting cards and with the Holiday around the corner, we're stocking up on Holiday greeting cards from all of our artists. Did you know that once you're done gifting a card, you can frame it and keep it as an art piece?! We even offer frames in-store in greeting card size for this purpose!


Our Top Selling Category For The Month

Our top-selling category and our top-selling items sometimes are the same and sometimes they're different. I think it's really interesting to see the difference between the top-selling items and categories because sometimes we just sell a lot of single items which won't make our top item list (usually top items we sell multiples of) but it could make our top category! The top category for this month should be of no surprise!

Our top selling category is...


There are so many candle scents available that sometimes even though candles may not make it into the top 5, they are our best selling category for the month. We're fully stocked up right now for the Holiday season on candles including holiday-specific candles. Now is a great time to stop by if you're looking to gift someone a candle this year.

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