The 101 On Subscription Boxes

The 101 On Subscription Boxes

We're almost halfway through the next quarter which means we're releasing our October box for pre-orders! If you're not familiar with subscription boxes, we're going to give you a full rundown of how they work and how we pick out the items that go into our boxes.

What is a subscription box? How does it work?
A subscription box is a box that is full of products that are received regularly. This can be as regular as once a month, once every two months, once a quarter, twice a year or yearly. Our box is for every quarter as we're always receiving new items and we want our customers to be the first to stock up on newly restocked items in the shop. Our box is shipped out in January, April, July and October at the start of each month. Each box is curated by us for that quarter with the restocks during that quarter. So for the October box (pre-order here), it's full of items that are restocked between July-September. We pick out what items we want to include in that box and we ask you for preferences like scent preferences if we include something scented in the box, for example.

In each curated box, we include 5-6 full-sized products. So what you'll find in-store, is exactly what you'll receive in your box. We don't skimp on sizing or downsizing any of the products included. We want to give our customers the full experience as if they shopped with us and received the product in person. Of course, everything included is handmade right here in Nova Scotia by artisans that you can find regularly in the shop.

We do a pre-order for boxes two months in advance as this helps with our inventory as the inventory for the boxes is ordered a month out from shipping! If you're ever wondering why we open up pre-orders so early, this is why. We usually have to order specifics for the boxes so we will get those orders to vendors about a month before the boxes need to be shipped. We also offer our customers the opportunity to only order one box with no penalty. Most subscription boxes charge extra if you only want one to try it out. We get it! Sometimes some months just aren't entirely what you're looking for or want. If you're an email subscriber, we also offer a bonus item if you pre-order your box! So if you're not signed up for our newsletter, you need to get on our list!

What's The Benefit Of Subscribing?
If you love Crafty Owl and you love handmade products or supporting local artisans from all over the province, our box is for you. We make this box so that people who love us and our products and mission can receive regular products from us, even if we're a little far away. Our boxes also make for a great Christmas gift for someone especially if you buy a year's worth of boxes! By buying one of our boxes, you're supporting the artisans we feature and include in our boxes. You also support the shop and continue to let us serve you.

Our October box just opened up for pre-orders and we hope we answered some questions about subscription boxes and why you should get one of our boxes! Even if it's just to try it out once.
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