Top 5 Best Sellers In July

Top 5 Best Sellers In July

July has been a very busy month for us. We were downtown over the Canada Day long weekend which was insane. We also shipping out our first round of subscription boxes and each one got an amazing review! We've been dropping hints as to what's in the next box and we can't wait to show you. Now, let's get to our top sellers for the month of July.

5 - Porous Bracelets
Our porous bracelets are great for adding some colour to your wardrobe or they are great for adding essential oils! Our porous bracelets each have lava beads on them which are great at absorbing the essential oil and keeping a scent all day long. These bracelets also support a great organization that cleans up our oceans! By buying a bracelet, you remove one pound of trash from the oceans. How awesome is that?!

4 - Stickers
We have tons and tons of stickers to choose from! They are popular to put on water bottles, laptops, bags and more. Our stickers are made of vinyl so they can be put on your car as well and they won't be affected by the elements. We have stickers for everyone, from cat lovers to dog lovers, coffee people, tea people and more. These make for a great small gift or stocking stuffer!

3 - Artisan Soap
Soap makes for such a great gift! If you're ever stuck on a gift for someone, soap is always a great way to go. Plus our soap is super colourful and smells amazing. You're going to want to keep a bar of soap for yourself! Luckily for you, we have a 2 for $15 deal on our soap. One for a gift and one for you to keep.

2 - Magnets
We just got a restock on magnets and we're almost sold out again! Our magnets have lots of funny sayings on them and some of them are saying exactly what we're thinking. They've been very popular lately with everyone and they make a great quick gift.

And our top item in the shop for the month of July is... drum roll

1 - Keychains
Stand out and show off some of our awesome keychains. We have our very funny ones with a few maybe rude sayings on them but damn, they say what we're all thinking. We also have some cute ones like our cat keychain. We also have our pewter keychains which span a lot of themes like the beach, birds, forest, fish, etc. We have a keychain for everyone to enjoy.

Our Top Selling Category For The Month
Our top-selling category and our top-selling items sometimes are the same and sometimes they're different. I think it's really interesting to see the difference between the top-selling items and categories because sometimes we just sell a lot of single items which won't make our top item list (usually top items we sell multiples of) but it could make our top category! The top category for this month should be of no surprise!

Our top selling category is...

Classy Cards
Not surprising at all since a lot of the top items for the month come from this vendor! If you see anything in the store with a swear word on it, it probably comes from this vendor. She creates our magnets, stickers, cards and more. You folks love her items and so do we. We're working on bringing in more of her items into the shop, so be on the look out soon for a restock update!
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