Top 5 Products For The Month Of May

Top 5 Products For The Month Of May

May has been a busy month! We started our own subscription box and we did our first farmer's market back at Big River. If you're in Stewaicke, we will be attending the next market. We also have a special announcement coming up this week! Newsletter subscribers will hear about it first! Not subscribed yet? Click here to subscribe! With all that being said, let's get into our top-selling items for the month of May.

5 - Tartan Ornaments
Wooden and tartan ornaments are great gift ideas for anyone! Ornaments can be hung in the window, placed on the mantle or put on a tree! These ornaments are also flat so they are great for shipping since they can be shipped flat in a bubble mailer. Available in Nova Scotia tartan, Cape Breton Tartan and Canada Tartan.

4 - Shubenacadie Candles
We got these candles custom-made for the shop and they've been a hit since we've brought them in. With one being the Shubie tree and the other of the railway that runs over the Shubie river. Both candles have been a hit! Show off your love for the community by grabbing a candle! Plus they have a treasure inside them.

3 - Greeting Cards
Of course, with a gift, you need a card! Cards usually sit somewhere in the top 10 anyway, but they tend to land in top 5 items on the regular. If you need a gift, you of course need a card! We have lots of designs and sayings to choose from. Plus all of our cards are blank on the inside so you can write a personalized message.

2 - Henna Journals
I love a good journal and we have plenty available! There are no shortages of henna journals. The designs on the front of the journals are henna! If you've ever seen henna before, it is beautiful. We love the designs and how each journal is never the same. We know why this took spot number 2!

And our top item in the shop for the month of May is... drum roll

1.5 - Artisan Soap
Soap takes the top spot for the second month in a row! I can't say I blame everyone. I love a good bar of soap and that's exactly what these are. They smell good and they look good! Soap also just makes a great gift since everyone needs to be clean! We have a huge range of scents and even have a few unscented soaps!

But hold on a second! 1.5? What does that mean?

Well, I wasn't entirely sure to include this item since it's an online item only, however, I did want to give it an honorable mention!

1 - Subscription Box
This month we showed you guys our subscription box that we've been working on how to put together and get it juuuuust right for you. Our subscription box is sent out every quarter and you get 5-6 full-sized items. What's not to love?! We wanted to thank everyone who ordered a box, even if it's just one box. If you haven't ordered your box yet, we still have some boxes available! We're doing a limited amount for this first round to figure some things out and get into the flow.

Our Top Selling Category For The Month
Our top-selling category and our top-selling items sometimes are the same and sometimes they're different. I think it's really interesting to see the difference between the top-selling items and categories because sometimes we just sell a lot of single items which won't make our top item list (usually top items we sell multiples of) but it could make our top category! Top category for this month should be of no surprise!

Our top selling category is...

Light n' Luscious Body Treats
Our top-selling category was our body care vendor! Our body care vendor supplies us with soaps, room sprays, bath bombs, shampoo bars and more! Anything that goes on the skin, they make. With lots of soap sold this month, it's not too surprising to see them make the top spot!
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