Top Items In The Shop For March

Top Items In The Shop For March

March has come to an end so we wanted to round up the top-selling items in the shop. Our top items each month can change. It's also really interesting to go back and see how each month changes! At the start of each month, we'll do a blog post of the top items for the previous month. Let's get into March's top items!

5 - Beach Resin Journals
There isn't too much of a surprise here! You have been loving the beach design and we plan to keep everything beach well stocked! We love these journals as they're lined so they can be used for lists, writing down thoughts, doodling and so much more.

4 - Henna Art Mugs
These beautiful mugs have recently gotten the attention of some of you. These mugs are filled with beautiful henna designs and make a wonderful gift to anyone. These are top-rack dishwasher safe, however, we recommend you handwash instead if you can. Be sure to stop in-store or browse online to see the full selection of mugs we have.

3 - Essential Oils
Even though these just came into the shop recently, you have been loving the essential oils. So much so, we're going to need a restock here soon! Lavender has been the top-selling essential oil so far, but that can always change! I do have to agree that the lavender does smell quite lovely. You, essential oil lovers, are going to love a new product coming in soon! Want to know first what it is? Sign up for our newsletter to be in the know.

2 - Prints
Prints are coming back and coming back strong! We always find certain items come and go and obviously prints are starting to come back again. We are sold out of a few designs already so if you had your eye on a print, stop by the shop soon to grab it. We will be getting more prints in soon, however, if you can't wait, now's the time to stop by!
And our top item in the shop for the month of March is... drum roll

1 - Cards
This month we saw a lot of people coming in and buying for occasions. With that being said, you always need a card for special occasions! The most popular cards were the nature ones. However, that doesn't mean we just carry nature cards! We have a huge variety of cards available to choose from, from funny to rude to nature to Nova Scotia, we have it all.

Our Top Selling Category For The Month
Our top-selling category and our top-selling items sometimes are the same and sometimes they're different. I think it's really interesting to see the difference between the top-selling items and categories because sometimes we just sell a lot of single items which won't make our top item list (usually top items we sell multiples of) but it could make our top category! This month is no exception to that.

Our top selling category is...

Our top-selling category was candles! There are tons of scents so this category makes sense as to why it's not a top item! Our small candles are perfect for gift-giving and they all smell delicious. There's a scent for everyone. Plus we have candles that are scented with just essential oils. There's a candle for everyone! Stumped on gift ideas? Candles are always a pretty good go-to.
Any items that surprised you? Have comments or questions about anything? Let us know! Send us an email and let us know what's on your mind.
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