Why You Should Support Local Businesses

Why You Should Support Local Businesses

We're a shop that carries everything handmade right here in Nova Scotia. So, what's the benefit of shopping with us vs shopping somewhere else? Why go the extra mile to support local items? Today's blog post is all about that. Why supporting local is awesome and amazing but also how it helps the local economy and how it can help the community you live in!

Shopping Local Keeps Your Money Local
Shopping with small businesses but especially a business like ours, keeps the money spent at our shop in the community and in the province. Money goes back to vendors who live within the province so that they can keep making their craft. It's estimated that for every $100 dollars spent at a local business, around $68 dollars stays within the community. For us, that number is a lot higher as we don't pay for anything made elsewhere. Every dollar spent with us stays in the community.

Supporting Local Supports Your Local Activities
Have you ever noticed that when sports teams or local charities are looking for donations or help, it's always other small and local businesses who are helping/donating? Our small businesses are the ones who are supporting your local teams to help them buy jerseys or help a local charity be able to afford a new office space. Local businesses help in your day-to-day a lot more than big box stores. You rarely ever see big box stores support events or charities in the community.

You're Supporting A Dream
A lot of our vendors are also small business owners and they are trying to create, make and sell products to fulfill a dream of theirs! There is always a person behind the product who is pouring their heart and soul into making the product the best it can be. A few of our vendors make their products for a living! So you're also supporting wages and letting someone do this as their full-time job. You're also supporting employees that these businesses may hire and again, keeping your money right in the community.

Unique Products That Can't Be Found Elsewhere
We carry some very unique handmade items here in the shop. Without sourcing handmade and local, we wouldn't be able to do that. We are able to carry a lot of unique and very limited items because we source locally and are handmade. Handmade products are usually only made once or twice and even if they were made again, it's never the same. This is why we usually tell people (especially at Christmas time), that if you see something, you should buy it because there's usually only 1-2 of everything in the shop! That means if you don't grab it, someone else most definitely will. However, this also allows us to keep carrying unique items that you'll love and that you can't get anywhere else.

If you love your community and want your money to stay local, you need to be shopping local and shopping at smaller businesses. There is no community without small businesses. Small businesses do so much for our community and sometimes it hurts when we don't receive that help back. Next time you want to buy groceries supports a local grocer instead. Next time you're looking for a gift, shop with us instead. Next time you're looking for takeout, shop at a small restaurant.
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